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    Featured Patent Applications of the Week: May 14, 2020


    Facebook aims to patent a distributed artificial reality system with contextualized hand tracking technology. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.

    In this post, we introduce you to a few recent patent applications from Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Roche, and Merck.

    Facebook Aims to Patent a Distributed Artificial Reality System with Contextualized Hand Tracking Technology

    US patent application 20200150753 discloses a system that includes an eyewear device, a bracelet, and a neckband communicating with each other to determine the position of the user's hand in relation to objects in a real environment and accordingly adjust an artificial reality environment experienced by the user. A distributed artificial reality system is illustrated below.

    IBM Files a Patent Related to Cognitive Recall of Study Topics by Correlation with a Real-World User Environment

    US patent application 20200152072 discloses a method for displaying a study topic within a virtual window in a wearable augmented reality device if the user's field of view includes patterns correlated with the study topic. The figure below illustrates an example implementation of cognitively recalling the study topic based on the user's environment.

    Microsoft Seeks a Patent on a Method for Creating Objects Using Body Gestures

    US patent application 20200151935 discloses an intuitive interface enabling users to create 3D objects by performing various body gestures in front of an imaging device. The interface maps the user's body with the body of an object, which may be animated and displayed to the user. The figure below illustrates a process of creating and editing an avatar using body gestures.

    Intel Pursues a Patent for Automatic Adjustment of Head Mounted Display Straps

    US patent application 20200150597 describes a head mounted display (HMD) apparatus that can automatically adjust straps. The apparatus includes a display unit, a harness that includes straps, pressure sensors, a microcontroller and automatic adjustment mechanisms for the straps that are controlled by the microcontroller based on data from the pressure sensors. The illustration depicts a HMD with auto-adjustable straps.

    Apple Seeks a Patent for an Electronic Device Having a Display with Openings

    US patent application 20200152714 discloses an electronic device with a display having openings to allow the mounting electronic components, such as a camera, a light sensor or a secondary display under the display. A perspective view of the device with a display having openings is illustrated below.image8-69

    Medtronic Seeks a Patent for a Method of Atrial Tachyarrhythmia Detection

    US patent application 20200146580 describes an intracardiac pacing system to detect atrial tachyarrhythmias. The system includes a sensor that produces an intraventricular signal, a circuit configured to sense ventricular events, a memory configured to store atrial arrhythmia episode data, and a control circuit configured to detect an atrial arrhythmia based on atrial arrhythmia scores from events. The diagram below illustrates an intracardiac pacing system used to detect atrial tachyarrhythmia.

    Boston Scientific Files a Patent for Micropatterned Stent Coating

    US patent application 20200146803 presents an endoprosthesis with a stent having an inner surface defining a lumen, an outer surface defining a plurality of apertures arranged in a micropattern, and a polymeric coating attached to the outer surface of the stent. When the stent is in an expanded state, its structure reduces stent migration by creating an interlock between the vessel wall, and the endoprosthesis. The illustrated stent below shows a micropattern of micropillars.

    Roche seeks to Patent a B-cell Cultivation Method

    US patent application 20200149006 discloses a method for co-cultivating a single deposited B-cell comprising the step of co-cultivating the B-cell with feeder cells in the presence of phorbol myristate acetate, IL-1beta, TNFalpha, IL-2, IL-10 and IL-6.

    Merck Wants to Patent a Coating Composition

    US patent application 20200148899 pertains to a coating composition used in the production of attractive metallic decorative elements on articles having an outer silicatic surface such as porcelain, ceramic, china, bone china, glass or enamel, to metallic coatings on such substrates.

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