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    Featured Patent Applications of the Week: October 3, 2019

    IBM wants patent for vehicle incident documentation for blockchain. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.


    In this post, we take you through some of the recent patent applications from Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Apple, Intel, Google, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Merck, Roche, and Novartis.

    Microsoft seeks patent for VR floor mat activity region

    US patent application 20190302879 discloses an HMD with an on-board optical sensor, and a mat having fiducial markers that are recognized based on the image data, wherein an activity region is defined based on the detected fiducial markers. Figure below illustrates the VR mat with fiducial markers of a user environment.


    IBM wants patent for vehicle incident documentation for blockchain

    US patent application 20190303463 discloses a method of documenting vehicle incidents on blockchain by receiving primary data from vehicles, extracting first information from the primary data, creating documents based on the extracted information, generating blockchain transactions based on the documents, and committing the documents to the blockchain. Figure illustrates a logic network diagram of an example permissioned blockchain network.

    Samsung seeks patent for wearable device for protecting display

    US patent application 20190302445 describes a wearable device having a lens, an output device, a sensor, and a processor, wherein the device identifies the level of light sensed and provides a notification using the output device when the identified level of the light satisfies a preset condition. The device prevents damage caused by the external light to the display, as illustrated below.


    Apple eyes patent for remotely controlling playback devices

    US patent application 20190306553 discloses a system configured to allow remote control devices to quietly obtain status information related to various audio and video playback devices, wherein the remote control device connects without interrupting a master connection and provides commands to adjust the playback of the streamed media. Figures illustrate user interfaces for controlling playback devices.


    Intel files patent applications for an apparatus to detect and mitigate drone interference and a haptic covert communication system

    US patent application 20190306675 discloses an apparatus for a base station to mitigate and detect drone-based interference that includes a processing circuitry to control a user equipment (UE) to measure power received from a set of observed cells in a wireless communication network, determine interference power from the UE to a specific cell, and decide whether to support communication of the UE. Illustration depicts the apparatus.


    US patent application 20190304268 describes a system that provides information through tactility that includes a computer system to receive an input from a user, identify locations associated with haptic elements disposed on a wearable haptic apparatus, and generate a message to actuate the haptic elements. Illustration depicts the system.


    Google aims to patent marketplace for advertisement space using gaze-data valuation

    US patent application 20190303981 discloses a method for providing an advertisement marketplace for advertisements that are valued according to gaze data from wearable computing devices. Figures below illustrate a communication network where gaze data is received, and an advertising-space database, wherein a listing for the advertisement space is updated according to determined advertisement value.


    Boston Scientific files patent applications for endoscopic system and platelet-activated stent

    US application 20190298401 discloses a system for performing endoscopic procedures that comprises an end effector of a grasping system and allows a physician to better grasp or hold a portion of small bowel during a gastrojejunal anastomosis procedure. The illustration below depicts an embodiment of the process for creating an anastomosis.


    Another application 20190298892 relates to a stent having an inner surface and an outer surface coated with a platelet-activated adhesive that can adhere to the mucous lining of the lumen wall to promote regenerative cell growth and prevent excessive amount of scar tissue from developing in the lumen wall. Figure below shows the stent with the platelet-activated adhesive coating.


    Medtronic aims to patent pouches with multi-layer walls

    US application 20190298473 describes a flexible, sterilizable pouch that is designed to receive a medical device, wherein the pouch has a multi-layer wall and a cavity, and is configured to seal the medical device within the cavity. The image below shows an exploded perspective view of a pouch.


    Merck wants to patent an anti-alcohol induced dose dumping tablet

    US patent application 20190298655 presents a directly shaped tablet from extrudate based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) that provides a sustained release drug formulation by which an alcohol induced dose dumping effect is avoided in patients who consume alcohol while on medication.

    Roche seeks to patent single stranded circular DNA libraries

    US patent application 20190300939 presents a novel method of generating a library of circular single stranded nucleic acid molecules by utilizing circular capture molecules. The image below illustrates the method of generating a library of circular single stranded nucleic acid molecules.


    Novartis eyes patent on a dispensing device

    US patent application 20190300268 reveals a dispensing device for metering and dispensing minitablets, granules or pellets from a container. The diagram below shows a cross section of the medicament storage device.

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