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    Featured Patent Applications of the Week: August 22, 2019


    In this post, we take you through some of the recent patent applications from Samsung, IBM, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Roche, Novartis, Abbott, and MIT.

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    Samsung applies patent for rollable display device

    US patent application 20190258296 describes a device with rollable display, protection films, and adhesive layers, wherein the protection films are disposed on the top and bottom surfaces using the adhesive layers. The rollable display can be rolled around a roller to reduce the device size, thereby making it handy and portable. Figure below illustrates cross-sectional view of the device.


    IBM eyes patent for health behavior change for intelligent personal assistants

    US patent application 20190259500 discloses an intelligent personal assistant with a health behavior change engine that monitors a user state and generates a pattern of behavior of the user. A health-based conversation dialog is initiated if a change in user state is determined. A block diagram of a health behavior change engine is illustrated below.

    Apple wants a patent for HMD for AR/VR with inside-out positional, user body, and environment tracking

    US patent application 20190258058 discloses a HMD device that uses computer vision methods and data fusion from multiple sensors to achieve real-time tracking.  The HMD achieves high frame rate and low latency by performing part of the processing on the HMD itself instead of external components. The figure below illustrates a HMD with several cameras and sensors.


    Google seeks patent for gesture component with gesture library

    US patent application 20190257939 discloses a gesture component configured to expose operations for the execution of a mobile application based on detected user’s gesture input wherein the input is detected using a 3D object detection. The gesture is recognized by comparing it with a library of gestures maintained by the gesture component. Figure below illustrates the user’s gesture detection on a computing device.


    Amazon files patent application for co-viewing in a VR/AR environment

    US patent application 20190259207 discusses techniques that facilitate co-viewing in an experiential reality environment such as a VR/AR environment. The techniques include prioritizing a main view of experiential reality content over side views of the experiential reality content. Figures illustrate an example of an application of a particular implementation.


    Intel attempts to patent an apparatus to generate vehicle warnings and an intelligent LED bulb apparatus

    US patent application 20190256088 describes an apparatus to generate vehicle warnings that includes a sensor to detect a vehicle, an object tracker to determine the motion of the vehicle, an accident estimator to calculate the likelihood of a collision of the vehicle and a transceiver to transmit a message to the vehicle when the likelihood of the collision exceeds a threshold. Figure illustrates a collision avoidance system.


    US patent application 20190257535 discloses an intelligent LED light apparatus that includes a communication interface, a processor to process sensor data and transmit to an external recipient, a body encasing the interface and the processor and a plurality of sensors. Illustration depicts the intelligent LED bulb.


    Medtronic files patent applications for patient alert system and urinary symptom management

    US patent application 20190255237 relates to an alert system having a battery that is rechargeable by a harvesting coil coupled to a source coil, wherein the source coil is disposed on and around the torso of the patient. A speaker and a vibrator are present to relay spoken messages or alert sounds or vibrations to the patient if the charge of the battery is less than a predetermined threshold. Figure below illustrates a medical implant information reporting device.

    Another US application 20190254582 discloses a system for managing symptoms of urinary incontinence or overactive bladder that measures patient fluid intake, updates a patient log, predicts the occurrence of urinary events based on the logged fluid intake and notifies the patient of occurrence of future urinary events. Figure below illustrates the urinary event prediction system.


    Boston Scientific wants to patent a breath sampling system

    US patent application 20190254538 describes a breath sampling system that includes a sampling mask with a breath receiving chamber and a chemical sensor element having several discrete binding detectors. Figures below depict the breath sampling systems.

    Roche aims to patent a chromatography column support

    US patent application 20190255462 presents a chromatography column support which allows a movable fit to be positioned within a chromatography column at a desired position. The support comprises several legs and a multitude of connectors to the upper end of the legs providing support over the entire diameter of the column for a movable frit. Image below shows a column equipped with several different supports.

    Novartis seeks to patent surgical instruments for detecting light

    US patent application 20190254868 reports on a surgical instrument for detecting light, by measuring light traveling in a waveguide. Images below depict an ocular procedure with an exemplary surgical instrument.

    Abbott aims to patent balloon catheter and tapered stent

    US patent application 20190254849 presents a balloon catheter for medical purposes such as angioplasty and stent delivery, and also describes stents suitable for delivery with such balloon catheters. Figures below show a sectional view of the balloon catheter.

    MIT eyes patent on CRISPR enzymes and systems

    US patent application 20190256900 reveals engineered DNA-targeting systems comprising a novel DNA-targeting CRISPR effector protein and a targeting nucleic acid component like a guide RNA for use as a nucleic acid editing tool.

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