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    Featured Patent Applications of the Week: February 27, 2020

    Google files a patent application for an interchangeable eyewear/HMD assembly. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.

    image5-65In this post, we take you through recent patent applications from Microsoft, Google, IBM, Apple, Facebook, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Merck, Novartis, and Roche.

    Microsoft Eyes a Patent for Computationally Efficient Human-Computer Interface for Collaborative Modification of Content

    US patent application 20200064997 discloses a computing system to collect and process user preferences regarding content that is shared in a collaborative workspace. The system receives input gestures of individual users of a multi-user sharing session, which represents a vote for a portion of content, indicating that they favor ("up-vote") or disfavor ("down-vote") the content. The system can collect and analyze the votes from each user and then modify the content based on the votes. The figure below shows the components of the system.


    Google Files a Patent Application for Interchangeable Eyewear/HMD Assembly with a Quick Release Mechanism

    US patent application 20200064639 describes a head-mounted device (HMD) that includes a central frame support and a removably connected optics arm. The optics arm has first and second free ends that are connected to a second end of the central frame support at a point between the first and second free ends. The optics arm extends away from the central frame support and is configured to present information to a user via a display device. The figure depicts the disassembled components of the HMD.


    IBM Aims to Patent an Intelligent Hearing Aid

    US patent application 20200066264 discusses an intelligent hearing aid that receives audio data and analyzes user preferences, interests, and historical activity patterns of the user, and then performs hearing assistive actions, accordingly. The illustration depicts the hearing aid having interconnected components and devices.


    Apple Wants a Patent for a Wearing-Dependent Wearable Device

    US patent application 20200060617 discloses a wearable device that attaches to a body part of a user via an attachment member and operates in a connected state when worn by a user and in a disconnected state when not worn by the user. The figure below illustrates the wearable device with the attachment member in the connected state.


    Facebook Seeks a Patent for a Hand-held Controller That Uses a LED Tracking Ring

    US patent application 20200061457 discloses a hand-held controller that includes a handle and a ring attached to an end of the handle. Light sources are mounted on a curved outer surface of the ring and are configured to emit light to be captured by an imaging device for tracking a position or orientation of the controller. The illustration depicts a schematic perspective view of the hand-held controller.


    Boston Scientific Aims to Patent Retrieval Devices

    US patent application 20200060701 presents retrieval devices configured to change shape to facilitate capturing and releasing material from a patient’s body. The illustration below depicts an embodiment of the retrieval device in a releasing state.


    Medtronic Seeks to Patent an Augmented Reality Solution to Optimize Therapy Delivery

    US patent application 20200060765 relates to a system for an augmented reality solution to optimize the directional approach and therapy delivery of interventional cardiology tools. The figure below illustrates an exemplary augmented reality view of a virtual heart object.


    Merck Wants to Patent Chimeric Newcastle Disease Viruses

    US patent application 20200061184 discloses novel sequences for chimeric Newcastle disease viruses having a packaged genome including a transgene encoding interleukin-12. These chimeric viruses are used for treating cancer.

    Novartis Files a Patent for an Ophthalmic Surgical and Drug Delivery System

    US patent application 20200060873 reveals a system for performing an ophthalmic procedure using laser energy on an eye to non-surgically remove undesirable features, such as vitreous opacities. The figure below depicts an image of the eye during non-surgical removal of the vitreous opacities.


    Another US patent application 20200060965 relates to peptide delivery systems which are injected as fluid sol through thin injection needles and transformed into a highly viscous gel once inserted into warm human or animal body tissue. The peptide is then released in a controlled manner over time into the surrounding tissue.

    Roche Pursues a Patent for Controlled Dispensing of Samples

    US patent application 20200064238 presents a system for controlled dispensing of liquid samples onto substrates, such as microscope slides, by determining the position of a sample applicator based on images of the applicator reflected from the substrate surface. The figure below shows the sample applicator relative to the substrate surface.


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