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    Featured Patent Applications of the Week: July 11, 2019

    IBM-Featured-Patents-MaxVal (2)

    IBM pursues patent for displaying a vehicle notification based on driver eye gaze direction. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.



    In this post, we take you through some of the recently filed patent applications of Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Intel, Google, IBM, Medtronic, Roche, Boston Scientific, Abbott, Merck, and Novartis.

    Microsoft files patent application related to continuous motion controls operable using neurological data

    US patent application 20190212810 discloses a system and a method for generating a continuous motion control using neurological data and for associating the continuous motion control with a continuous user interface control to enable analog control of the user interface control. Figures below depict continuous motion control according to hand motion to modulate volume control.


    Apple wants to patent a method of facilitating restful sleep using reminders

    US patent application 20190213060 discloses a device that detects when a user intends to sleep and prompts a reminder to the user for preparing secondary devices for sleep as depicted below. The device changes a current state of the secondary devices to a desired state as specified by the user.


    Facebook eyes a patent for long distance interaction with artificial reality objects using a near eye display interface

    US patent application 20190212827 discloses a Near Eye Display to display a selected object present in an artificial reality environment by determining the users gaze orientation and the pose of the user's hands as illustrated below.


    Intel seeks patent for an emotion augmented avatar animation apparatus

    US patent application 20190213774 discloses an apparatus for providing emotion augmented animation of avatars that includes an engine to receive facial data of a user, analyze the facial data to determine an emotion state of the user, and drive additional animation that supplements animation of the avatar based on the emotion state of the user. Illustration depicts examples of emotion augmented avatar animation.


    Google files patent relating to audio announcement prioritization system and application recommendations at uninstall time

    US patent application 20190212973 discloses a method for prioritizing audio notifications from a plurality of different client applications based on message content and preferred priority associated with the message. Figure below depicts outputs of a computing device based on assigned/preferred priorities.


    US patent application 20190213485 discloses a predictive model for automatically recommending, at the time of the uninstallation of a first application, one or more of the similar applications based on contextual information of the first application and utilization data. Figure below depicts example recommendation screen that displays similar applications related to uninstalled application.


    IBM pursues patent for displaying a vehicle notification based on driver eye gaze direction

    US patent application 20190213976 describes a method to determine the location for displaying the notification of vehicle information based on a driver's eye gaze direction. Figure below illustrates the position for displaying vehicle information notification.


    Medtronic files for patents for non-invasive monitoring of hemoglobin and directionally focused ablation device

    US patent application 20190209060 discloses a system for non-invasive diagnosis and monitoring of hemoglobin concentration that includes a light source to provide light to patient tissue, photo detectors to monitor an emission response, a processing module that calculates a ratio based on the received emission responses to determine the hemoglobin concentration level. Figure below illustrates a schematic view of the hemoglobin monitoring system.


    Another US patent application 20190209235 relates to a medical device having a pulsed field ablation generator with an energy control, delivering and monitoring system for focusing non-thermal energy to a treatment site for ablating cardiac tissue to treat cardiac arrhythmia. Figure below illustrates the medical system.


    Roche wants to patent a quality evaluation method for an analytical device

    US patent application 20190212348 relates to a method for quality evaluation of a handheld analytical device wherein the method includes the following steps: (a) programming a handling cycle for a robot having a robot arm to mimic a sequence of handling steps of a human user, (b) operating the device in a handling cycle by means of the robot, (c) monitoring the operation in step (b) by a control unit to evaluate a parameter influencing the quality of the device. Illustration below depicts a view of the robot when pipetting blood onto an artificial finger.


    Boston Scientific aims to patent aspiration medical device

    US patent application 20190209745 discloses an aspiration device comprising a tubular member with a distal end region, an inflow orifice adjacent, and an aspiration member disposed within the tubular member, wherein the aspiration member has several axially-spaced fluid jets formed therein. Image below shows the aspiration device.

    Abbott eyes patent on a closure device for tissues

    US patent application 20190209162 describes closure device for closing an opening in tissue which includes an elongate member, a foot portion and a needle guide portion. Figure below shows the closure device inserted partially into a vessel through a puncture site.


    Merck seeks patent on antifungal agents

    US patent application 20190209572 reveals structure of antifungal compounds comprising a fungal binding moiety (FBM) that is linked to an antibody binding moiety through a linker group, which optionally comprises a connector group.

    Novartis targets patent for treating of breast cancer brain metastases

    US patent application 20190211110 presents a pharmaceutical combination which comprises (a) a phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitor, and (b) a Her3 antagonist, for the treatment of breast cancer brain metastases. A method of treating breast cancer brain metastases comprising administration of the combination to a subject, use of such combination for the treatment of breast cancer brain metastases, and a commercial package comprising such combination are also disclosed.

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