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    Featured Patent Applications of the Week: July 25, 2019

    Featured-Patent-MaxVal-Intel-7-25-2019 (2)

    Intel files patent application for convertible dual screen laptop. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.


    In this post, we take you through some of the recently filed patent applications of Intel, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Facebook, Apple, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Merck, Abbott, Roche, and Novartis.

    Intel files patent applications for wild-life collision avoidance system and convertible dual screen laptop

    US patent application 20190225214 discloses a wild-life collision avoidance system for vehicles that receives a signal from an animal tracking device and determines if an animal is in the path of the vehicle and controls the vehicle accordingly. Illustration depicts the system receiving signal from animal tracking devices.


    US patent application 20190227598 describes a dual screen display device that includes a set of displays, a base to support the displays, a hinge coupled between the displays, a channel and post configured to provide a sliding translation between the base and the displays or a coupled translation of the displays relative to the base. Illustrations depict the perspective block diagram view of the system.


    Microsoft wants to patent holographic augmented authoring

    US patent application 20190227763 discloses holographic augmented authoring that provides an extension to personal computing experiences of a productivity application. A user interface of the application executing on a device can be switched from a touch mode to a holographic mode, which opens communication between the device and a holographic enabled device providing a mixed reality system, as shown in the figure below.


    Google seeks patent for a wearable device multi-mode system

    US patent application 20190228175 discloses a method for operating a wearable device in private mode or public mode based on detecting whether the device is worn by a user or not. In private mode, the user may receive notifications, updates, etc. In public mode, the device provides non user specific information. Figure below depicts process for determining an operation mode.


    IBM eyes patents for smart contact lens data transfer using Li-Fi

    US patent application 20190227348 discloses a remote computing device and a smart contact lens comprising a data receiving device and a light transmitting device, wherein the data is transmitted to a receiver device through Li-Fi communication from the light transmitting device of the smart contact lens. Figure below illustrates the communication between the smart lens and the remote computing device.


    Facebook files patent application for dynamic creation of AR effects

    US patent application 20190228580 describes a method that allows users to apply visual effects or doodle on their self-image on a live video and the position of the doodle is dynamically adjusted to match real-time videos thus generating an augmented reality effect in real-time. Illustrations provide examples of AR doodling.


    Apple pursues patent for dynamic location search suggestions based on travel itineraries

    US patent application 20190228023 describes a device that retrieves itinerary information stored in a first application and identifies a travel destination, which is communicated to a second application that provides local information for that travel destination. Figures below illustrate device with a travel application interface providing weather data.


    Medtronic files patent application for a manual mixer

    US patent application 20190223932 discloses a manual mixer for use during surgery that helps with agitating liquids, pastes and solids through rotational and axial movement of the mixing assembly actuated by an actuation assembly and dispensing the materials through a valve assembly. Figure below shows the manual mixer.

    image10-22Boston Scientific aims to patent a multilayer medical balloon

    US patent application 20190224382 discloses an expandable medical balloon including an inner layer formed of a poly (ether-block-amide) copolymer and an outer layer formed of a polyamide for use in dilatation and the delivery of medical devices.

    image15-17Merck seeks to patent a unique pigment mixture

    US patent application 20190225813 reveals a pigment mixture comprising three interference pigments of different colors selected from the colors red, green and blue, suitable for use in paints, coatings, printing inks, security printing inks, plastics, ceramic materials, glasses and in the preparation of pigment preparations, dry preparations and in particular cosmetic formulations.

    Abbott wants to patent an intraocular lens insertion system

    US patent application 20190224002 describes a system for delivering an intraocular lens (IOL) comprising a handpiece with a barrel defining an elongate passage, a pushrod disposed inside the elongate passage, and a plunger coupled to the pushrod.


    Roche eyes patent on fusion proteins for ophthalmological use

    US patent application 20190225676 reveals the sequences of human collagen II antibody for ophthalmological treatment having increased eye retention properties.

    Novartis pursues patent for tesidolumab

    US patent application 20190225679 discloses the use of tesidolumab for the prevention or treatment of transplant rejection particularly in pre-sensitized patients.

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