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    Featured Patent Applications of the Week: March 19, 2020

    IBM seeks a patent for an augmented reality-based display for viewing roadside objects within a driver’s primary field of view. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.

    image4-74In this post, we take you through recent patent applications from IBM, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Merck, Novartis, and Roche.

    IBM Seeks a Patent for an Augmented Reality-based Display for Viewing Roadside Objects within a Driver’s Primary Field of View

    US patent application 20200086795 discusses a device that detects a roadside object in a vehicle driver's peripheral view, assigns a level of importance to the object based on its importance to the user, and displays the roadside object as a semi-transparent image on the windshield of the vehicle. The figures below illustrate an example environment and a windshield display as described in the application.


    Apple Eyes a Patent for Tracking a Lost Computing Device

    US patent application 20200090415 discusses a method by which a user remotely sends a command to a lost device that restricts an unauthorized user from accessing the data. The lost device may also collect and transmit its location to the requesting user, as depicted below.


    Intel Pursues a Patent for a Lightweight 360 Degree Audio Source Location System Using Only Two Microphones

    US patent application 20200092643 discloses a system to obtain an audio source location by identifying a predetermined acoustic barrier filter and receiving an audio signal within a time window at two microphones. The system then uses four measures of variability to form a feature vector for a location classifier and obtains an audio source location. The illustration below depicts audio received by an electronic device.



    Microsoft Files a Patent Application for Clustering Techniques to Automatically Create Groups of Geographic Regions

    US patent application 20200089786 discloses storing and classifying attribute data about multiple geographic regions so as to assign each region to one of multiple tiers. New sets of geographic region groups are generated by grouping one or more regions from each tier to create a region group. Performance data of different groups are compared to automatically derive additional arrangements. The Figure below illustrates data points of the geographic region graph and examples of its groups.


    Medtronic Seeks a Patent for a Sorbent Recharging System and a Controlled Cryotherapeutic System

    US patent application 20200086297 describes a system for recharging sorbent materials used in sorbent dialysis. The system monitors the recharging process using sensors and collects information about the patient undergoing dialysis via a user interface. The figure below shows the sorbent recharging system.

    Another US application 20200085486 relates to a cryotherapy system for monitoring variables, such as pressure or temperature, and controlling the cryotherapy administered to a patient via a refrigerant-cooled cryotherapeutic element positioned with the patient’s body. The figure below depicts the cryotherapeutic system.

    Boston Scientific Aims to Patent a Ribbed Dilator Tip

    US patent application 20200086095 discloses a dilator tip for use with a sheath comprising an elongated tubular member defined by a circumferential wall and having a distal tip region, a proximal end, and a several ribs extending longitudinally between the distal tip region and the proximal end. The dilator tip is illustrated in the image below.


    Roche Wants to Patent a Spacer for a Syringe

    US patent application 20200086065 reveals a spacer for a manual injection syringe that includes a mount section, a flange section and a stopper section. The spacer is adapted to be coupled to a syringe body. It is depicted in the figure below.


    Merck Pursues a Patent on a Glucose Responsive Insulin Conjugate

    US patent application 20200087375 presents a novel insulin conjugate and its structure for treating diabetes. The insulin conjugate comprises a tri-valent sugar cluster and displays a pharmacokinetic (PK) and/or pharmacodynamic (PD) profile that is responsive to systemic concentrations of glucose.

    Novartis Files a Patent for Biomarkers and CAR-T Cell Therapies

    US patent application 20200087376 discloses cell compositions for improved CAR T cell therapies with altered expression and function of the Tet2 gene.


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