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    Featured Patent Applications of the Week: October 31, 2019


    Google files a patent application related to a common purchasing user interface. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.


    In this post, we take you through some of the recent patent applications from Apple, Facebook, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Roche, Merck, Novartis, and Abbott. 

    Apple Wants to Patent Tangibility Visualization of Virtual Objects within a Computer-Generated Reality (CGR) Environment

    US patent application 20190333278 discloses techniques for tangibility visualization of virtual objects within a CGR environment (VR/AR) by providing visual feedback indicating that tangibility is provided for a virtual object that does not correspond to a real, tangible object in the real environment, as illustrated below.image6-47

    Facebook Seeks a Patent for A Visual Editor for Designing AR Effects

    US patent application 20190333288 describes a design editor that provides an environment where composition of art work and effects may be designed and displayed dynamically in real-time, thereby enabling a designer to quickly fine tune, adjust, and test AR effects. An example user interface of an AR design editor is illustrated.


     IBM Aims to Patent a Smart Contact Lens System with Cognitive Analysis and Aid

    US patent application 20190332168 describes a smart lens system that determines a user’s cognitive state with respect to a content item, based on data related to the user's physiological movements captured by smart contact lens. An assistive action associated with a content item may be performed by a device based on the user's cognitive state. Components of a smart lens system are illustrated in the figure below.image3-50 

    Google Files a Patent Application Related to a Common Purchasing User Interface

    US patent application 20190333137 discloses a common purchasing user interface for making in-app purchasing requests to a remote market system on behalf of multiple third-party applications executing at a computing device. Figures below illustrate examples of user interfaces presented by the computing device as a user purchases an in-app product.


    Microsoft Seeks a Patent for an Intelligent Warning System

    US patent application 20190328339 describes an intelligent warning system in a communication service that functions by analyzing the distress level of a user's biometric signals and image data. A notification is sent to the remote user to render assistance for the user based on the determined distress. The figure below illustrates the communication service sending a notification to the other user.



    Intel Eyes a Patent for Person Tracking, Privacy and Acceleration of Data Using Autonomous Machines

    US patent application 20190332869 describes a mechanism for facilitating person tracking and data security in machine learning at autonomous machines. The mechanism includes capturing images of a person within a physical vicinity, tracking the person based on the images in the trackers, and selecting a tracker as a preferred tracker based on the tracking data. Illustrations depict a setup for facilitating privacy.


    Medtronic Files Patent Applications for Kidney Stone Identification and Object Size Estimation

    US patent application 20190328349 relates to a urinary stone identification method in lithotripsy using an imaging element mounted on a scope that generates a visual representation of the stone, and a processing unit that compares the stone size with a predetermined maximum size to determine removal status. The figure below depicts a visual representation of the method.


    Another US application 20190328281 describes a medical device having an actuator and an end effector that comprises several expandable legs which are movable between an extended configuration and a retracted configuration, wherein the legs enable the capturing of objects such as kidney stones or foreign matters. The device is illustrated in the figure below.


    Boston Scientific Wants to Patent Chemical Sensors

    US patent application 20190331661 relates to chemical sensors based on non-covalent surface modification of graphene through electrostatic interactions. The image below illustrates a graphene varactor, which forms part of the sensor.


    Roche Eyes a Patent on a Novel Method of Drug Administration

    US patent application 20190328708 proposes a new dosage regimen for 4-{[(2R,3S,4R,5S)-4-(4-Chloro-2-fluoro-phenyl)-3- (3- chloro - 2 - fluoro - phenyl) - 4 - cyano - 5 - (2,2 - dimethyl - propyl) - pyrrolidine - 2 - car - bonyl] - amino} - 3 - methoxy - benzoic acid which maximizes anti-tumor activity . The regimen suggests administering the compound in a dosage of 800-3000 mg/day for up to 7 days, followed by a rest period of up to 21 days.

    Merck Aims to Patent a Re-loadable Auto Injector

    US patent application 20190328970 presents a reloadable auto injector, wherein a syringe assembly is movably positioned between a first position, in which the needle is accommodated inside a housing, and a second position, in which the needle protrudes outside the housing.


    Novartis Seeks to Patent an Anti-EGFRVIII Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)

    US patent application 20190330356 presents the method of using T cell, engineered to express a CAR, to treat a disease, such as cancer, that is associated with expression of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor III.

    Abbott Pursues a Patent on a Reaction Vessel Exchanger Device

    US patent application 20190331705 discloses a reaction vessel exchanger device in a diagnostic analyzer having reactions on several proximate process paths, wherein the reaction vessel exchanger device enables the transfer of reaction vessels between process paths of a diagnostic analyzer.



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