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    Latest Happenings Around Medical Imaging, AI and Radiology


    In this blog post, we look at how AI usage can result in improved medical imaging and radiology.

    MRI Scans to Be Sped up Using AI
    The NYU School of Medicine and Facebook team up to use AI to develop quick, yet high-quality MRI scans that could someday allow busy medical centers to care for more people, and help the elderly, young, and claustrophobic spend less time in a narrow, loud magnetic tube. To read more, click here

    AI-Powered Tools for Imaging Earn FDA Approval
    New offerings which use machine learning to interpret images win U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval.Those include an AI offering from England-based Ultromics, which automates cardiac analysis, along with an AI-powered algorithm from Hologic that reduces mammography exam read times. To read more, click here

    AI Vendor Plans to Boost Breast Cancer Care
    RadNet is partnering with to launch a program, which uses AI software to identify and communicate with women who were noncompliant with their mammograms. Future AI solutions could include smartphone apps and artificial intelligence algorithms to automate interpretation of mammography images. To read more, click here

    AI System Allows Effective Breast Cancer Detection
    Researchers have developed a deep learning system (a type of AI) that can mine vast amounts of data to find subtle patterns beyond human recognition. They trained the AI system on large Digital Breast Tomosynthesis data sets to identify suspicious findings in the images. To read more, click here

    Startups Picked by GE Healthcare for Its Edison Platform
    Six start-ups have been shortlisted by GE Healthcare for developing solutions on the Edison platform for some of the toughest healthcare challenges existing today. The startups will collaborate with GE Healthcare to arrive at solutions that improve patient outcomes and experience, enhance efficiency of healthcare facilities, reduce waste, and eliminate costly and harmful errors. To read more, click here

    AI Could Be Scaring Students from Radiology; Researchers Say
    Respondents of an online survey agreed that AI should be incorporated as a support system for the radiology profession. However, they perceived it as much more of a threat compared to the professional side. Medical students might be afraid to specialize in radiology because, among other reasons, they seem to fear the unknown future of AI. To read more, click here


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