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Blockchain Patent Filings and Prosecution Trends: Cryptography, Security and Fintech innovations at the forefront

Blockchain is often quoted as a transformational technology with the potential to impact many technological areas. So what is a blockchain? Blockchain is an open and distributed ledger that can efficiently record transactions between parties. Each transaction is verifiable by consensus and there is a permanent record of the entered information. It can be understood as a data structure that is shared among a distributed network of computers. Blockchain technologies can be broadly categorized into digital currency and non-digital currency based technologies.

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Hot Topics in Tech | August 2018 Newsletter | Maxval

In this issue, we have covered a couple of hot topics that are currently trending in the biotech and blockchain technology industries. We have highlighted Illumina’s Q2 results and provided some
insights about the company alongwith a quick run-through of the firm's recent collaborations in China. Illumina reported a revenue of $830 million in Q2 which is a 25% increase compared to $662 million in the same quarter of 2017. Illumina’s biggest advantage over its competitors lies in its technology diversification.

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