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MaxVal Publishes Advanced Landscape Report on E-Cigarettes

MaxVal’s E-Cigarettes report is now available through Patent LiveScape™, an analysis and reporting service that provides clients with interactive reports which extract actionable and predictive information. By leveraging data sciences best practices, MaxVal has constructed an interactive report that melds different yet related data sources into a comprehensive landscape, allowing the reader to dynamically explore relationships.

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Hot Topics in Tech | November 2018 Newsletter

In this issue of the "Hot Topics in Tech" series, we provide a brief overview of the patent filing activity around implantable non-energy based devices for hypertension treatment and management. We have also presented the top technologies within this domain, leading assignees, and market information.

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MaxVal Publishes Advanced CRISPR-Cas9 Report

Following the publication of our recent Technology Landscape study on CRISPR-Cas9, MaxVal announces the latest advanced publication on the genome editing system, CRISPR, which has become an extremely important tool in medical research.  The demonstration of the reprogrammable nature of Cas9 served as a catalyst to widespread adoption of CRISPR systems in biomedical and agricultural research.  The potential benefits of CRISPR gene editing in several challenging diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, and numerous autoimmune diseases are being explored by researchers.

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Hot Topics in Tech | October 2018 Newsletter | Maxval

This article provides a brief overview of the role of the autonomous nervous system in managing hypertension and describes various techniques related to neurostimulation. Patents revealing various energy-based techniques for neurostimulation, and devices related thereto which are available in the market are also presented.

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Hot Topics in Tech | September 2018 Newsletter | Maxval

This issue covers cardiovascular diseases and discloses the technological categories and products related to the use of renal denervation approach for managing hypertension. It also talks about the three main categories of Artificial Intelligence namely Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI). They influence human life in the form of automated cars, virtual assistants, image recognition software, robotics, games, life science and so on. Read more on this report.

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Hot Topics in Tech | August 2018 Newsletter | Maxval

In this issue, we have covered a couple of hot topics that are currently trending in the biotech and blockchain technology industries. We have highlighted Illumina’s Q2 results and provided some
insights about the company alongwith a quick run-through of the firm's recent collaborations in China. Illumina reported a revenue of $830 million in Q2 which is a 25% increase compared to $662 million in the same quarter of 2017. Illumina’s biggest advantage over its competitors lies in its technology diversification.

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Technology Landscape Study on CRISPR-Cas9

Although CRISPR was known to have an important role in bacterial immunity for over a decade, it is only in the last 5 years that it has garnered interest as a gene editing tool. Increasing investment in this field is indicative of global market opportunities for CRISPR-Cas9 over existing alternatives.

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USPTO Recap - 7 Patent Issuance Facts of 2016 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Patents have gained importance as intangible assets in an increasingly competitive technology landscape. Consequently, patent filings have shown a more remarkable increase in numbers in the past decade than ever before. In many cases the worthiness and market position of a business is valued by the IP portfolio it holds. However, patents are expensive to maintain and a company’s IP assets need to be actively managed.

This infographic features the top patent awardees of 2016 in different segments based on USPTO data. This segmentation can serve as a reference point for performing deeper analysis to support patent prosecution strategies, product marketing strategies, as well as global acquisition and licensing strategies.

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USPTO Patent Issuance Report – First Half-Year of 2016


Technology growth is becoming increasingly complex and the long tail of inventions is growing day by day. Any business that comes with an innovative creation has to protect it through some legally enforceable rights, and this is where patents come into action by protecting your ideas through an extensive system that has been developed around them.

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