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Blockchain Patent Filings and Prosecution Trends: Cryptography, Security and Fintech innovations at the forefront

Blockchain is often quoted as a transformational technology with the potential to impact many technological areas. So what is a blockchain? Blockchain is an open and distributed ledger that can efficiently record transactions between parties. Each transaction is verifiable by consensus and there is a permanent record of the entered information. It can be understood as a data structure that is shared among a distributed network of computers. Blockchain technologies can be broadly categorized into digital currency and non-digital currency based technologies.

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Deploy Patent Prosecution Analytics to Accelerate the Product Development Cycle: A Comparative Case Study

Patent prosecution analytics can provide valuable insight into the performance of an organization’s IP operations just as other forms of analytics help in reducing cost, in making better decisions and in creating new products and services. Technology companies who are actively filing patents can achieve cost savings and faster times to grant through prosecution analytics. I will illustrate what I mean by looking at two leading technology companies with different prosecution performance - Cisco and Juniper Network.

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