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Hot Topics in Tech | December 2018 Newsletter

In the December issue of the “Hot Topics in Tech” newsletter series, we take a glance at how mobile devices have transformed healthcare and became a crucial component in the medical field.

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Hot Topics in Tech | November 2018 Newsletter

In this issue of the "Hot Topics in Tech" series, we provide a brief overview of the patent filing activity around implantable non-energy based devices for hypertension treatment and management. We have also presented the top technologies within this domain, leading assignees, and market information.

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Hot Topics in Tech | October 2018 Newsletter | Maxval

This article provides a brief overview of the role of the autonomous nervous system in managing hypertension and describes various techniques related to neurostimulation. Patents revealing various energy-based techniques for neurostimulation, and devices related thereto which are available in the market are also presented.

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